There(bin) was a project that culminated with me picking up yet another McDonalds wrapper out of my lawn. Strange, I know. I live a few blocks away from 82nd Ave. in Portland, which most unlike the image of Portland we have come to know for its independent plethora of food joints and shops, 82nd is mired with chain fast food restaurants and car sales lots. A lot of the refuse blows down my street and lands in my lawn. As I crumpled up the wrapper grumbling and threw it into the waste bin I had a thought, what would it take to get people to throw trash in a trash can? How can we modify behavior?

Well, the first thought that came to mind was, make it fun, make it memorable. I had a sudden vision of how much I would love to see a robot eating refuse that passerbys tossed to it, like a monkey in a zoo with peanuts. How else can we make it fun? Make it interactive. As a synthesizer and music fanatic my first thought is always make it musical and that is when it hit me, make it a Theremin Robot Trashcan! Thus, There(bin) was born.

I used 3 different light theremin circuits to  give a multi-timbral  sound. I initially had the plans to make the circuit power up via a motion sensor but the parts were on back order for over a year, incidentally they came in last week, it only took a year and 8 months to get them! Hopefully soon There(bin) will be up and running in all of his majesty.

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